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About Egyptcom
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Our Domain and Activities
Egyptcom specializes in graphic design, building web sites, 2D/3D animation, Interface design, print products and visual concept of all data types. Our aim is try to make a synthesis of needs, information and colors in order to create something greater than the sum of its parts.
We work with projects that range from simple to difficult.We have a valuable experience dealing with governmental and private sectors as well as individuals.
If you don't have any idea of how your publication should look, we will help you determine an exact idea and purpose for your future project. We will create high quality graphics to enhance your project.
Our aim is to provide excellent services at a reasonable cost and to give our clients a product they can be proud of. So, they can maximize their success. For these purposes, our creative staff consists of professional, honest, friendly, reliable and artistic individuals. We do our best to meet your goals and needs.  
Our History
You can reach us here...
Success doesn't come suddenly
As behind every success there is a story and Egyptcom Story began since 1996. When it was belonged to egyptian artist lives in USA, He prepared a good wonderful site on the web, as he is an academic artist. This site remained on line for three years, during these years another site was established on the web, which named and designed by Mr. Samy Eldinary This former site becomes one of the best sites in the Middle East up to 1999.

Then Mr. Samy thought in establishing a site deals with art and another with Egypt to expose the Egyptian products, history and civilization as well as its important role all over the world. He searched about the suitable domain names for those purposes, and then was the surprise!!!!!!!!! was available; quickly he did the register and became his
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